Recent Publications
Oded Ghitza, Ph.D.
Biomedical Engineering
Boston University

+ Curriculum Vitae
Rimmele, J. M., Poeppel, D. and Ghitza, O. (2021). "Acoustically Driven Cortical Delta Oscillations Underpin Prosodic Chunking." eNeuro. 8 (4) ENEURO.0562-20.2021;
[ PDF File ]

Lewis G, van Rijn P, Gwilliams L, Larrouy-Maestri P, Poeppel D, Ghitza O (2021). "NyU-BU contextually constrained sentences Corpus: NUBUC" Zenodo Data Repository.

Ghitza, O. (2020). "Acoustic-driven oscillators as cortical pacemaker" Language, Cognition and Neuroscience.
[ PDF File ]

Ghitza, O. (2016). "Acoustic-driven delta rhythms as prosodic markers" Language, Cognition and Neuroscience.


Tavano et al. "Neural harmonics of syntactic structure." [Submitted], [ BioRxiv file ]

Rimmele et al. "Dynamics of functional networks for syllable and word-level processing." [Submitted], [ BioRxiv file ]